About Sidhi International

SIDHI GROUP was founded in the ’90s. It became Pioneer in the metal Industry. Serving Global customers through performance and empowered with the industries’ most experienced sales and service network, it has maintained the position as one of the industry leaders to date.

In the year 2008, SIDHI GROUP expanded its horizon launching zinc alloy. Continuing the growth path in the year 2014 SIDHI GROUP entered the die-casting industry later in 2017.

Providing a wide spectrum of services including

  • Tool design and development
  • Tooling facility
  • Alloy manufacturing
  • High-pressure zinc diecasting
  • High-pressure aluminum diecasting
  • Secondary operations
  • Spm, trimming, milling, drilling, tapping, polishing,
  • Nickel electroplating
  • Liquid paint shop
  • Powder coating
  • Inspection and testing facilities

Sidhi today stands as one of the leading manufacturers of  die-casting components and zinc alloy ingots